Frequently Asked Questions

| Can the regular pen be ordered with calligraphy nibs?

Yes, you can choose from 1.1 and 1.4

| Is it possible to use regular ink, like a standard pen?

Yes of course, the water on the can will keep it fresh for months without using the pen.

| The pen is made from what material?

The pen Is made from aeronautical grade 6061 aluminium. 
Then black anodized.

| Is it possible to use color inks, shellac, acrylic, watercolor ink?

Yes, we tried the following inks with success: 
Pelikan Color 
Aerocolor schmincke 
Koh-i-noor shellac

Also you can visit our ink page for more information here

| I need the user guide

You can download the user guide here, select your language: